California General Election: Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

The California Taxpayers Union is non-partisan.  We will support any candidate or measure that supports our mission. Over the years we have supported Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians, and you will see candidates from all three parties represented below.

Our recommendations are based on:

  • Our local knowledge of candidates and measures that align with our values of Fiscal Responsibility, Free Men, Free Markets and Limited, Constitutional Government.
  • Recommendations by Carl De Maio and his team at the De Maio Report.   His considerations match ours: opposition to tax hikes (like the dreaded Car and Gas Tax Hikes); respect for the Constitution and personal freedoms; support for small businesses and job creation; and opposition to excessive regulation.
  • Craig Huey and his Election Forum Project’s Judges Recommendations

John Cox

Lt. Governor:  none

Secretary of State:  Mark Meuser

Controller:  Konstantinos Roditis

Treasurer:  Greg Conlon

Attorney General:  Steven Bailey

Insurance Commissioner:  Steve Poizner

State Superintendent of Public Instruction:  Marshall Tuck

U.S. Senator: None

Board of Equalization, Member, District 1:  Ted Gaines

Board of Equalization, Member, District 3:  Rick Marshall

Sheriff, LA County:  Jim McDonnell

Assessor, LA County:  John “Lower Taxes” Loew

10th District: Jeff Denham

21st District: David Valadao

22nd District: Devin Nunes

23rd District:  Kevin McCarthy

24th District: Justin Fareed

25th District:  Steve Knight

26th District:  Antonio Sabato Jr.

27th District:  Beatrice I Cardenas (write in only)

28th District:  Johnny J. Nalbandian

29th District:  Benito Bernal

30th District:  Mark Reed

31st District:  Sean Flynn

32nd District:  Joshua Scott

33rd District:  Kenneth Weston Wright

34th District:  None

35th District:  Christian Leonel Valiente

36th District:  Kimberlin Brown Pelzer

37th District:  Ron J. Bassilian

38th District:  Ryan Downing

39th District:  Young Kim

40th District:  Rodolfo Cortes Barragan

41st District:  Aja Smith

42nd District:  Ken Calvert

43rd District:  Omar Navarro

44th District:  None

45th District:  Mimi Walters

46th District: Russell Lambert

47th District:  John Briscoe

48th District:  Dana Rohrabacher

49th District: Diane Harkey

50th District: Duncan Hunter

51st District: Juan Hidalgo Jr.

52nd District: Omar Qudrat

53rd District: Morgan Murtaugh

California State Senate:

18th District:  Rudy Melendez

20th District:  Matthew Munson

22nd District:  None

24th District:  None

26th District:  Baron Bruno

28th District:  Jeff Stone

29th District: Ling Ling Chang

30th District:  None

32nd District: Rita Topalian

34th District: Janet Nguyen

California State Assembly:

36th District: Tom Lackey

38th District:  Dante Acosta

39th District:  Ricardo Antonio Benitez

40th District:  Henry Gomez Nickel

41st District:  Alan S. Reynolds

44th District:  Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy

45th District:  Justin M. Clark

46th District:  Roxanne Beckford Hoge

49th District:  Burton Brink

50th District:  None

51st District: None

52nd District: Toni Holle

53rd District: None

54th District: None

55th District: Phillip Chen

56th District: Jeff Gonzalez

57th District: Jessica Martinez

58th District:  Mike Simpfenderfer

59th District: Leslie Hagan-Morgan

60th District: Bill Essayli

62nd District: Al L. Hernandez

63rd District:  None

64th District:  Anthony Perry

66th District:  Frank A. Scotto

70th District:  Honor “Mimi” Robson

Superior Court Judge; County of Los Angeles

County of Los Angeles; Office 4 

  • Alfred A. Coletta:
  • A. Veronica Sauceda:

County of Los Angeles; Office 16 

  • Sydne Jane Michel:
  • Patricia (Patti) Hunter:

County of Los Angeles; Office 60 

  • Tony J. Cho:
  • Holly Hancock:

County of Los Angeles; Office 113

  • Javier Perez:
  • Michael P. Ribons:


California Supreme Court (Yes/No)

  • Carol Corrigan: Yes 
  • Leondra Kruger: No


Justice, California State Court of Appeal; Second District (Yes/No)

  • Patricia Bigelow: Yes 
  • Arthur Gilbert: No
  • Sandy Kriegler: Yes 
  • Thomas Willhite: Yes 
  • Norman Epstein: Yes 
  • Victoria Chavez: Yes 
  • Luis A. Lavin: No
  • John Segal: No
  • Martin J. Tangeman: No
  • Lamar W. Baker: No
  • Elwood G. Lui: No

Proposition 1: NO
Issues $4 billion in bonds for housing programs and veterans’ home loans.

Proposition 2: NO
Authorizes state to use revenue from millionaire’s tax for $2 billion in bonds for homelessness prevention housing.

Proposition 3: NO
Issues $8.877 billion in bonds for water-related infrastructure and environmental projects.

Proposition 4: NO
Issues $1.5 billion in bonds for children’s hospitals.

Proposition 5: YES
Revises process for homebuyers who are age 55 or older or severely disabled to transfer their tax assessments.

Proposition 6: YES
Repeals 2017’s fuel tax and vehicle fee increases and requires public vote on future increases.

Proposition 7: NO
Authorizes legislature to provide for permanent daylight saving time if federal government allows.

Proposition 8: NO
Requires dialysis clinics to issue refunds for revenue above a certain amount.

Proposition 10: NO
Allows local governments to regulate rent.

Proposition 11: YES
Allows ambulance providers to require workers to remain on-call during paid breaks.

Proposition 12: NO
Bans sale of meat from animals confined in spaces below specific sizes.


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