California General Election – November 6, 2018 – Ballot Recommendations

Governor: John Cox

Lt. Governor:  none

Secretary of State:  Mark Meuser

Controller:  Konstantinos Roditis

Treasurer:  Greg Conlon

Attorney General:  Steven Bailey

Insurance Commissioner:  Steve Poizner

State Superintendent of Public Instruction:  Marshall Tuck

U.S. Senator: None

Board of Equalization, Member, District 1:  Ted Gaines

Board of Equalization, Member, District 3:  Rick Marshall

Sheriff, LA County:  Jim McDonnell

Assessor, LA County:  John “Lower Taxes” Loew

10th District: Jeff Denham

21st District: David Valadao

22nd District: Devin Nunes

23rd District:  Kevin McCarthy

24th District: Justin Fareed

25th District:  Steve Knight

26th District:  Antonio Sabato Jr.

27th District:  Beatrice I Cardenas (write in only)

28th District:  Johnny J. Nalbandian

29th District:  Benito Bernal

30th District:  Mark Reed

31st District:  Sean Flynn

32nd District:  Joshua Scott

33rd District:  Kenneth Weston Wright

34th District:  None

35th District:  Christian Leonel Valiente

36th District:  Kimberlin Brown Pelzer

37th District:  Ron J. Bassilian

38th District:  Ryan Downing

39th District:  Young Kim

40th District:  Rodolfo Cortes Barragan

41st District:  Aja Smith

42nd District:  Ken Calvert

43rd District:  Omar Navarro

44th District:  None

45th District:  Mimi Walters

46th District: Russell Lambert

47th District:  John Briscoe

48th District:  Dana Rohrabacher

49th District: Diane Harkey

50th District: Duncan Hunter

51st District: Juan Hidalgo Jr.

52nd District: Omar Qudrat

53rd District: Morgan Murtaugh

California State Senate:

18th District:  Rudy Melendez

20th District:  Matthew Munson

22nd District:  None

24th District:  None

26th District:  Baron Bruno

28th District:  Jeff Stone

29th District: Ling Ling Chang

30th District:  None

32nd District: Rita Topalian

34th District: Janet Nguyen

California State Assembly:

36th District: Tom Lackey

38th District:  Dante Acosta

39th District:  Ricardo Antonio Benitez

40th District:  Henry Gomez Nickel

41st District:  Alan S. Reynolds

44th District:  Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy

45th District:  Justin M. Clark

46th District:  Roxanne Beckford Hoge

49th District:  Burton Brink

50th District:  None

51st District: None

52nd District: Toni Holle

53rd District: None

54th District: None

55th District: Phillip Chen

56th District: Jeff Gonzalez

57th District: Jessica Martinez

58th District:  Mike Simpfenderfer

59th District: Leslie Hagan-Morgan

60th District: Bill Essayli

62nd District: Al L. Hernandez

63rd District:  None

64th District:  Anthony Perry

66th District:  Frank A. Scotto

70th District:  Honor “Mimi” Robson

Superior Court Judge; County of Los Angeles

County of Los Angeles; Office 4 

  • Alfred A. Coletta: 7 
  • A. Veronica Sauceda:

County of Los Angeles; Office 16 

  • Sydne Jane Michel: 
  • Patricia (Patti) Hunter:

County of Los Angeles; Office 60 

  • Tony J. Cho:
  • Holly Hancock:

County of Los Angeles; Office 113

  • Javier Perez:
  • Michael P. Ribons:

California Supreme Court

California Supreme Court (Vote Yes/No)

  • Carol Corrigan: Yes 
  • Leondra Kruger: No

California State Court of Appeal

Justice, California State Court of Appeal; Second District (Vote Yes/No)

Division 1

  • Helen Bendix: Yes  
  • Victoria G. Chaney:

Division 2

  • Elwood G. Lui: No
  • Victoria Chavez: Yes 

Division 3

  • Luis A. Lavin: No
  • Hamlin Dhandina: No 
  • Anne Egerton: No

Division 4

  • Thomas Willhite: Yes 
  • Nora Manella: Yes

Division 5

  • Lamar W. Baker: No
  • Carl Moor: No 
  • Dorothy Kim: No 

Division 6

  • Arthur Gilbert: No
  • Martin J. Tangeman: No

Division 7

  • John Segal: No
  • Gail Feuer: No 

Division 8

  • Tricia Bigelow: Yes 


Proposition 1: NO
Issues $4 billion in bonds for housing programs and veterans’ home loans.

Proposition 2: NO
Authorizes state to use revenue from millionaire’s tax for $2 billion in bonds for homelessness prevention housing.

Proposition 3: NO
Issues $8.877 billion in bonds for water-related infrastructure and environmental projects.

Proposition 4: NO
Issues $1.5 billion in bonds for children’s hospitals.

Proposition 5: YES
Revises process for homebuyers who are age 55 or older or severely disabled to transfer their tax assessments.

Proposition 6: YES
Repeals 2017’s fuel tax and vehicle fee increases and requires public vote on future increases.

Proposition 7: NO
Authorizes legislature to provide for permanent daylight saving time if federal government allows.

Proposition 8: NO
Requires dialysis clinics to issue refunds for revenue above a certain amount.

Proposition 10: NO
Allows local governments to regulate rent.

Proposition 11: YES
Allows ambulance providers to require workers to remain on-call during paid breaks.

Proposition 12: NO
Bans sale of meat from animals confined in spaces below specific sizes.


Measure I: No
Measure J: No

South Pasadena
Measure N: Yes

Measure S: No

Measure P: No