Sierra Madre Voters Misled in 2014

The Fair Political Practices Commission rained on the Sierra Madre tax hikers’ parade with a $241 fine last September because the 2014 Yes on UUT campaign failed to report a large contribution before the April, 2014 election.

What was the large contribution? Why, it was for $1,500 (definitely large by Sierra Madre standards) donated by none other than the Sierra Madre Police Association. And the address is listed as Sierra Madre City Hall!

Yes, the Sierra Madre Police Association spent the big bucks. Why? Were they genuinely interested in saving Sierra Madre? No, they wanted a raise!

Little Bird was also amused to see that the other contributors on the page were:

  • Another union – Sierra Madre Classified Employees Association
  • Toni Buckner, recently retired Sierra Madre Library Director
  • Steve Heydorff, Sierra Madre Fire Chief

Want to see how much other contributors, such as current Council Members John Harabedian & John Capoccia, gave to the Yes on Measure UUT 2014 campaign? Ask at City Hall for the City Clerk. Oops, they fired her!

Ask at the City Hall front counter for a copy of the Yes on Measure UUT Form 460 filed for the period of 3/07/2014 through 12/23/2014. Or you can ask CTLC, they have a copy.

Perhaps the Capitol Morning Report (1/25/17) put it best: “In the Matter of Yes on Measure UUT and Amy Putnam; . .Yes on UUT was a local primarily formed ballot measure committee. Amy Putnam was the Committee’s treasurer. The Committee and Putnam failed to timely file one pre-election campaign statement covering the reporting period of January 1, 2014 through March 23, 2014…Fine: $241”

Can you trust these people to handle your tax dollars? Hell, no. Little Bird wouldn’t even trust them to fill the bird feeder properly.


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